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Divine touch children ministry is also registered with the ministry of gender labor and social development of Uganda. The ministry issued a certificate to divine touch children ministries which allows the divine touch children ministries to take care of 50 children in their home known as divine touch children’s home

The above certificate was issued to us by the minister of state for youth and children affairs of Uganda.

Hon Nyirabashitsi Sarah Mateke this certificate allows us to continue operating divine touch children’s home for more five years from the time of renewal

Your faithful and generous donations will help us in nurturing these innocent young children.

Remember the biblical teaching in Mathew 10:42 about children.

We pray that the heaven God touch your heart and soul that you can choose away of helping us transform a life or lives of divine touch children ministries.

Help us also spread the divine touch children ministries gospel to others and God will bless you. Your material, financial and advisory support towards divine touch children ministries is highly appreciated and be biblical teaching in Mathew 10:42

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My name is James Mugalya

The chief founder of divine touch children ministries. I live in Kampala Uganda when I was a boy, my family was very poor. my mother worked in peoples garden to get for us food and my father was a bicycle mechanic. Day to day life life was never easy for me and my 4 siblings at home . however life became harder when all our parents died of AIDS when I was five years old, God is good some good Samaritans adopted us in their families and nurtured us but unfortunately my two siblings also died because they were born with AIDS

I watched my adopted parents struggle to educate me and my young brother because education is not for free in Uganda.

As I grew up into the man i am , my heart went out to the to the poor abandoned children of Wakiso.

I felt a calling to help the orphans so i started a charity organisation called  divine touch children ministries

I wanted to take care of these children . Cloth them , educate them , feed them, house them , provide clean and safe water to them and the entire community of operation. the ministry currently takes care of 55 children

We currently have 6 goals enrolling all these children into school and catering for all of them

Providing safe and clean water in the entire community

Providing good nutrition and ensuring food security in the entire community through sensitising and supporting people on good methods of farming.

Raising money to buy land and build a facility to house them

Dressing them up and providing quality medical services

Our dreams will come true with your generous donations and prayers.

You can spread our message will help us reach our goal

Remember our biblical teaching in Matthew 10:42

Thanks for your support. God bless youn